Oscar Wilde

Irish Writer (1854 - 1900)

A brief introduction
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Oscar Wilde: Biography and Much More

Oscar Wilde. His life.

Read Oscar Wilde´s Biography and answer the following questions:
1. Who was Oscar Wilde? In which century was he born?
2. What was Oscar´s birth name?
3. When and where was he born?
4. When and why did he leave Ireland?
5. What is he best known for?
6. Why was he imprisoned?
7. When and where did he die?
8. How did he die?

Chronology of Oscar Wilde

Read the Chronology of Oscar Wilde. Answer these questions. What happened to the author in:
a. 1854
b. 1884
c. 1888
d. 1891
e. 1895
f. 1897
g. 1898
h. 1900


Read The selfish giant and Watch the Video.



Read and listen at the same time.


Now watch this video and enjoy yourself!!!!

Some of Oscar Wilde´s Works:

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Short Stories
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The Oscar Wilde Collection. An extensive collection of e-texts.
**The Victorian Web**.

**Oscar Wilde Famous Quotes**.
**Oscar Wilde Trivia**
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